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[10 Mar 2012|07:13pm]

Chilling with my parents then date night with Josh. Some (hopefully) Jenna time tomorrow and some Lost-watching (no spoilers please!) should make this one fabulous weekend :)

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[04 Mar 2012|12:48pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Fighting a two day migraine for the second weekend in a row. Why on the weekends? Boo! Just gonna spend my time doing laundry and watching Lost & Big Bang Theory.

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Huh. [03 Mar 2012|02:02pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

Did you know there was a lj ap? I sure didn't. The more you know ~~~~~*

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[19 Nov 2009|05:58pm]
My store is closing in January which means I'm out of a job in a few months.

Also, my grandfather is dying.

That's my life right now. When it rains, it pours.

Boo! [04 Nov 2009|11:41pm]
[ mood | cold/flu-ish ]

Once again, I procrastinated posting. I don't even feel like posting now but I would probably feel better writing again, even if it is just about my mundane life.

You really haven't missed much in my life. I mostly work. I've been getting a lot more hours. I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to the holiday rush or not. On the one hand, it's pretty crazy, but on the other I've been working alone a lot and I miss people. I'm not really chatty but it would be good to work with other people again.. We'll see what happens.

I've been spending a lot more time with Emily watching anime. We finished Shakugan no Shana and Tales of the Abyss, both of which were amazing. I'm going to start playing a Tales game with her and Chris (Symphonia? I can't remember which). We've cooked together a few times. One time we had a disaster but invented a recipe from it. To sum it up, we didn't buy enough beef broth. We needed 3 cans but we only had 1 and we were already cooking so we couldn't leave. We ended up adding 1 can of water and straining chicken noodle soup and used the broth. The brown and gold looked so gross! It turned out really tasty so we named it Valpo Risotto. If it was gross it would've been Western Risotto. Crazy school colors. :)

I also combined work and anime since I last posted. There was a new con nearby so we sold manga and I hung out with Emily and Angelica there after my shifts ended. The con was god awful but I had fun hanging out with them. I made a new cosplay, although I don't have good photos of it. When I do, I'll post them. I like it, it's cute (Aliza from RO). I'm still not good at sewing but this costume was better than the last one. Slow and steady. I <3 crafty things. I still crochet as well but I won't blather on about that. I'm making a blanket and a hat right now, that's all I'll say, lol. Basically, when I have free time to myself I either crochet or read. I've been reading a ton more, especially for work. I'm reading 3 books right now, hehe. I was playing RO but haven't been as much due to lag and nobody to party with. I also played the first Kingdom Hearts. I don't know if it's worth all the hype but I still enjoyed it. I'm actually more excited about playing the second game. I missed gaming, it's kinda nice getting back into it.

I got to see Libby recently which was fanfreakintastic! I haven't seen her since last Halloween and even then she was only around for a half hour or so. We, plus Lance and Josh, went out drinkin and played Waterfalls at Lance's apartment. We fell asleep together with Lance in his bed all wedged together and somehow during the middle of the night Lance left to sleep on his couch and Josh ended up where Lance was (in the corner against the wall at that!). Nobody knows how, when or why all that happened. If that's not a sign it was a good night, I don't know what is! We all dressed up too; I wore my Aliza costume, Libby was (the color) Purple, Josh was House and Lance was the Zombie Colonel Sanders. I'm glad I was able to see her. I really miss my out of town friends, it's really been getting to me lately. If it weren't for Emily, Angelica and Lance in town I think I'd go nuts. Josh counts too, of course, but I need to see my friends too.

Oh, on a random tangent, we have a new cat named Lucy but she's only here until Tuesday. This is a trial situation. If Misty doesn't get along with her, she has to go back to my boss who found her (Donna is always ending up with strays, she's a magnet!). Misty better shape up because I like Lucy and don't want to see her go!

Alright that at least helps catch everybody up. If I'm missing anything I can just post about it as it comes to mind. I always say I'm going to write more and then don't so we'll see what happens this time. Ta, for now!

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Icons [07 Oct 2009|12:06am]
[ mood | surprised ]

I haven't updated my journal in over 2 months so to warm myself back up to the whole journaling concept, I'm doing a meme I got from evilnel

The instructions:

If you wish to participate, reply to this entry with the message "ICONS!"

I will then reply with the tag names of six of your user icons, and in an entry on your page, you discuss the reason or meaning behind them.

The icons below are the ones that she picked:

This one I titled "oooo" because, well, look at that face! Sometimes, there are certain events that cannot be described in words- only a gasp and a distraught expression. The fact that this face has been drawn on a finger only adds to the charm. It pretty much captures the "Oh no!!" me and Gwen usually express (if you know us, you'll know what I mean). I usually use this icon when I'm distressed or shocked about something.

This is Sayuri from Memoirs of a Geisha. If you pay any attention to my life you can probably figure out why I have this icon. For those of you who are uninformed, I LOVE Japanese culture! Although on hiatus for the time being, I still want my career to focus on Japanese (either museum work or anthropology). Even though the actress that plays Sayuri is Chinese, she makes a damn beautiful geisha. I usually use this icon when discussing anything Japanese related. I also cross over and use it when I'm making a relaxed post because it's so peaceful. By the way, the book is better than the movie. Check it out sometime.

This is going to be the most difficult to explain... This illustrates The Dark Tower and the beams. The Dark Tower is a series by Stephen King and there's a lot of detail to it. To sum it up, the world is ruled by Ka, which in the real world can be seen as either fate or divine intervention. The world is connected by the beams and in the center of the beams is the dark tower. "All things serve the beam". I'm not really a religious person, but that doesn't mean I'm not spiritual. I use this icon when I feel like I have to leave life up to fate and trust that whatever is on my mind is in the hands of something bigger than myself. I have to trust that everything will work out the way it is supposed to and I will live with whatever the consequences are. It sort of forces me out of whatever funk is afflicting me and just move on with my life and put my trust to the fates (or whatever it is that exists out there).

Completely opposite of my Dark Tower "ka" icon, this is the icon I use when I feel like no matter what happens, I can't do anything right. Also, my biggest fear is failure and I often feel like sometimes I just shouldn't even bother if I'm just going to fail in the end. It's a problem I need to work on. I'm a huge Simpsons fan and this is actually one of my favorite quotes, as horrible as it is. Whenever I'm having a bad day I can use this icon to simultaneously express my frustration and laugh at it at the same time. No matter how upset I may be, at least this lightens the mood a little.

Alright, I cannot lie, I'm still a 3rd Rock From The Sun fan. I was a fangirl when I was younger (thank you Joseph Gordon-Levitt) but to this day, it's one of the few sitcoms I can stomach. The character Dick has a huge ego and considering this is a journal about me, it seemed appropriate to have this icon. Whenever I blatantly talk about myself (as opposed to just thoughts/ideas or about what I've done with a group of people, etc.), I use this icon. I try not to be self-serving but you know, sometimes it happens. Might as well give people some warning ;)

Alright, I just have this one because Zoidberg is amazing. I have a lot of good memories with Futurama; lots of late nights with Gwen (and occasionally Amanda) just laughing our asses off! He's actually doing "the apology dance" but I don't use it for that purpose. Besides, if you're not obsessed with the show then you probably won't even make the connection and could even get offended, lol. This is just what I use when I'm feeling silly and giddy. No real purpose other than amusement :)

Although nobody asked, in regards to my default, I got it from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Whenever Kyon, the main character asks Mikuru, the girl in the icon, a specific question about her mission, she always says it's classified. Considering this is a journal, it just fit ^_^

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:( [27 Jul 2009|06:54pm]
[ mood | wry ]

Our dog has been put to sleep and I just started my period. Maybe I can drown my sorrows by writing country music.

(hey, gotta have a sense of humor otherwise life will suck even worse)

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Codpiece [02 Jul 2009|01:23pm]
[ mood | silly ]

JAFAX was pretty amazing! I never thought I'd get into cosplaying and going to cons but for some reason it's actually a lot of fun. I thought I'd be self conscious in costume but when you do it with other people, you don't. Hell, on the second day when my belt broke & had to change I felt awkward not being in costume when MLE and Angelica were! I think the only time I felt awkward while in costume was when I ran into CJ because I haven't seen him in a very long time and when I finally saw him, I'm dressed as a poor quality flying priestess, haha. Making the costume itself is fun but it's also challenging so wearing it out gives you this sense of accomplishment. I got a lot of compliments on my wings ^_^ ; it feels really good to reap what you sew *badum ching!* I'm so freakin excited about making my Aliza costume!

The funny thing about JAFAX is we didn't watch a single anime! Not even in our hotel during the down time, lol. The only one I really wanted to see was on when I worked at the Waldenbooks table. I was there for about an hour while Amber had to run some errands. I didn't mind though, it was pretty cool getting to talk to the people in costumes. Emily and Angelica entered the costume contest. They were badass, especially with their poses! Unfortunately, a person who basically made a bikini out of a single pair of leather pants one. Hmmm, not going to comment on that, haha. Well, let me just say this- compare these two costumes and tell me which should have won: Boobs vs. GundamCollapse ) Granted the Gundam won 1st place in the beginner category but I don't care if that's your first costume, that's fucking badass quality. Well, whatever works.

We took a ton of pictures of ourselves in random places. They're posted in our DA's: mine and F&L Cosplay. I really enjoyed just walking around campus and taking pictures. Some of those poses and locations took stealth to get into. I'm surprised none of us got hurt or fell into any bushes, lol. We got a couple of awkward photos ("Tear Giving Birth", "Tear No Pants") but those aren't posted for obvious reasons, hah. I confess that one of part of my costume ended up falling out of my bag at home. It was the navy wrap around my neck. Luckily I was able to improvise with a navy t-shirt I had with me! Thankfully, you can't tell in most of the pictures. Emily and Angelica had my back and made sure the tags and logo were hidden and the sleeves only fell out a few times. You can see that in one of my pictures but it doesn't look too bad. More like a corner of what would be a shawl. Thank God I packed a shirt the right color!

We checked out some of the art and a lot of the vendors. All I could afford was a little key chain of the black Mokona from xxxHolic but I <3 it. That's the badass Mokona (compared to the white one) because all it really does is drink sake all day. I also got some pineapple Ramune, which was odd but good. The only down time we had at the con itself was on Sunday and we just sat in the grass, took pictures and chatted. One thing that I cannot stress enough is that we both got molested by TWO sets of Shy Guys One group hereCollapse ). This group just ganged up on us and surrounded us, forcing us to move from our spot. I got a picture of these 2 battling a Mario and Luigi but you really have to zoom to see it :-/ The other group of Shy Guys started...well, I guess "dancing" with us. I use that term loosely since it was gross. They and their little friends wouldn't let us through the path we had to take until we "danced" with them. Ugh. I used to love Shy Guys, now they creep me out :( Also, when we were wandering around GVSU we ran into a wedding party. The bride whispered to her bridesmaids about us, but whatever, that's to be expected. However, the groom (who was wearing LIME GREEN) decided to try and be clever and make fun of us by saying "halloween is in October". Emily just went "REALY??" really loudly and sarcastically. Text cannot convey the tone she used, it was glorious. Emily is awesome. Those things sucked at the time, but they're funny now. Well, the groom was funny to begin with, but it's still funnier over time. If you're scheduling your wedding at a large place like a college, you should make sure what other events are going on at the same time ;)

When we were in our hotel we laughed for about 6 hours straight. I don't even know what about anymore. Well, I can remember a few things but I don't think they'd have the same effect if I repeated them here. I haven't laughed like that since I was a teenager! We went out to Main Street Pub for dinner and only paused our laughing when we were eating. As soon as we were done, we were right back at it. Luckily, there was a rowdy group of drunks in the bar; they were more annoying than us so we didn't piss anybody off. I attempted to start writing my Magnolia story while we sat around but we were laughing too much so it ended up sucking a lot. I can't write to begin with, but that didn't help, lol. When it was about 1 am and we were still giggling, the neighboring hotel pounded on our wall so we forced ourselves to shut up and go to bed. Otherwise, we would've kept going. :D

I think that covers pretty much everything about JAFAX. Life has been pretty chill since I got back. I turned in my ap to the OCB and I'm just waiting to find out if I get the job. I work on the 4th of July but I think I'll be out in time for fireworks :) I'm getting back into RO after being sucked away by The Sims 2 again. One night while playing, Emily and I talked about inappropriate things with J, which actually fueled a lot of our laughter at JAFAX, lol. I've been watching a lot of Food Network of all things in the world and now I want to cook. I just can't afford to do anything fancy. Maybe someday, lol. There's only 17 days until our first anniversary and we're finally ordering our wedding photos. We also still need to send out our Thank Yous. They just need addressing but that's such a daunting task. My goal is to finish by the end of next week but we'll see how that goes, haha.

I'm off to crochet. If I can't sew, I might as well be crafty some other way :D Ta!

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Gloo [27 Jun 2009|09:53am]
[ mood | energetic ]

The new rubber cement I bought was Elmer's brand for $2.00 The stuff I was using before was a brand I had never heard of, from a store that closed years ago and was $0.74. No wonder I felt so sick, haha. Never use 20 year old glue!

Off to JAFAX!

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Wictor wictor [25 Jun 2009|12:36am]
[ mood | too many fumes...*gurgle* ]

I'm making my wings for Urutori and taking a rubber cement break. That stuff smells to begin with and this is really old so it's worse. Ugh, I feel awful. The one wing I've done looks okay though, considering it's just feathers on poster board. I hope I can attach them to myself alright, lol. No point in wings you can't wear.

JAFAX is this weekend and my wings are all that's left for Urutori. I'm afraid to cosplay though.. I feel awkward and self conscious as a regular person. Dressing up won't help. I think my costume is okay though, aside from the fact I got the wrong color for the pants. It wouldn't be so bad. It looks better with the belt done. Before I looked like a sky blue version of Grimace. It's tight as hell but I've lost 3 lbs this week. I'm hoping to get to 5 lbs, maybe that will help. I need to diet again anyway and I (almost) always lose a couple lbs quick by giving up pop so we'll see.

I must admit, I'm looking forward to my next costume, Aliza from ROCollapse ). This costume will be easier and more fun. Black/red maid costume? Hell yeah. For some reason, I think I'll feel more comfortable in this costume than Urutori. I don't know why, lol. Besides, it's not so much wearing the costumes...I just like sewing! It frustrates the hell out of my and nothing ever looks good when it's done but dammit it's fun! ^__^

My hours at work are going up a little bit slow and steady. I might get a second job at Old Country Buffet as a cashier, thanks to Lance. We really need the money. We're cutting it extra close this month on rent. I REALLY don't want to work there but at least I'm actually trying to work somewhere (anywhere!) rather than sit on my ass, beg my parents or Josh's parents for money and feel sorry for myself. As a cashier I'll just have to handle money and take the temperatures which isn't too bad. I'm more concerned about the uniform, they're terrible. Eh, small price to pay. Earning money is better than begging, plus I won't have to fret as much about making all the bills and loan payments. We may actually have money left over for fun things! Shocking! At least I'll have Lance there. It would be fun working with him. I need to contact Lance about this more.

Ugh, stupid rubber cement, I feel so sick. It's too hot to open the windows too X_x

I had more to talk about but got distracted thinking about costumes and inhaling fumes. This was probably boring for you guys. Sorry.

Psst, hey Nathan: Jealous of my new dead journal icon?

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[12 Jun 2009|04:59pm]
[ mood | dizzy ]

Still feeling crappy so I had to miss work. I hope this gets better soon, it's awkward being dizzy. At least this happened during a week I didn't have many hours so I didn't end up being a pain to everybody. Huzzah for Brian covering for me!

My grandpa is here :) He's already settled in watching the game show network. When my grandma was sick the doctors told her to watch it because it would keep her sharp (good concept, huh? ^_^). After she died he watched religiously but now he doesn't get it any more. He watches wrestling instead, lol. GSN grew on me because of them, lol. I've made him my saigon cinnamon coffee and he's a fan. Cinnamon is apparently good for you so I'm glad he likes it.

Random story about my grandpa: recently in his newspaper there was a story about a guy named Ed Bremer who played the harmonica for elderly people. Well, they got him and my grandpa (Bob Bremer) confused and used his picture instead. My mom just showed me the mistake. It's not just a small picture in a random section, it is HUGE picture on the front of a section! Random, huh? I mean, can you imagine opening the paper and seeing your face blown up to most of the page? Haha! My grandpa eventually called up Ed and talked to him and he played the harmonica for my grandpa over the phone, lol. Good times with mistakes.

I started my blanket over yesterday. I was only about 1/7 done with the last one when I realized that one side just kept getting longer and longer. I had a long way to go but it was done enough that starting over was the better option; it's a BIG blanket so 1/7 is still quite a bit. It sucks having to start over when there was progress but I want this to look good. At least crocheting is something I can do while lying down, although I think I'm making this one longer than the last one. Oops! XD

Speaking of crochet, I forgot to mention I have a deviantart account now. There's nothing up there yet except my icon (gotta love it). Eventually my crochet and costumes will end up there. Probably my short story about Magnolia as well (crazy egg). I'll have to take pictures of my garden and put them up there too. I'll try to make it artsy. Hey, gardening is crafty. It's being crafty with dirt...yeah, that's it... Anyway, if you have a DA, add me.

Well, I'm off *to see the wizard*

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This smells like my cat... [10 Jun 2009|11:54pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

I've been sick the past few days. Been dizzy the past 2 days and woke up this morning to throwing up in my mouth (worst episode ever). I'm feeling better, but not good enough to do anything. Still, since I have cabin fever, might as well write a quick update.

My Urutori costume is almost done, I just need the belt and the weird thing that sticks out of the pants to sew then it's just detail work and buying the wings. I tried it on and I look fucking ridiculous. I hope it looks better with the belt/detail. I feel like a fat puff of blue cotton candy. It doesn't help that I lost 7 lbs but then gained it all back. The shirt was feeling better and now I can barely sit down. I need to get back to dieting not only for my health but so I don't end up busting out of my costume and showing a bunch of otaku kids my goods. I'm sure most of them have never seen boobs in person before and I don't want to be their educational experience. ;) I'm looking forward to making other costumes and clothes though. I'm bad at it, but sewing is fun, especially with Angelica and Emily ^_^

Still playing RO. I have some random screen shots. I'm sure nobody cares about them but maybe if you see some of the fun and random stuff, you'll want to play with us. It's fun, join us *jedi mind trick*

Pretty picturesCollapse )

On the job front, I'm going to look into Emily's job at Prevention Works. It's basically a babysitting gig; watching kids while their parents attend classes. I keep getting distracted away from calling about it though. I don't know why, but I'm nervous about it. I'm even going to talk to Niki who did YAB so I'd be talking to somebody I actually know but it's still looking into a job which gets me jittery. Each session only lasts about 2 hrs tops and pays $25 per session. I don't like kids and it's not a whole lot of hours but it's better than nothing; This is my 8 hr work week and I have no idea if I'm going to be getting any more hours at the book store anytime soon. I haven't heard back from any other jobs I've applied to. If I don't find another job, we're really going to be in trouble. I really wish I could find a job that has to do with Chinese or Japanese history or culture but I don't foresee finding something like that anytime soon. Going to look anyway though. I hope I can at least find an internship once I find a new grad school.

My garden is actually growing! It looks like everything is sprouting except the peppers and the sunflowers but I didn't have high hopes for them. It's so exciting! My only real setback is the neighbors across from us. They mfing water the grass next to their apartment with a sprinkler and it hits my garden. I have to be careful about watering otherwise they'll flood and drown my poor garden. We even have to time ourselves to make sure we aren't hit by it when we leave the house but they won't move it (they've seen us do it and didn't do anything). Oh I could go on and on about how annoying and inconsiderate my neighbors are but I'll put that aside tonight. Just know they think they own the damn place. Just because you have a field across from you and a grass patch next to you doesn't mean that its yours to do what you please with. These areas are here for everybody at Clayborne Court. Well...at least my flowers and green beans are growing! ^__^

My grandpa is coming into town for the week. My parents are bringing him in Friday. It'll be good to see him since it's hard for Josh and I to find mutual time off to go to Saginaw. I'm going to cook a big dinner for him at our apartment. I can't wait to have him over! He's been really down lately; he's bored! Well, he's almost 91 so he's slowing down and can't leave the house often. I'm sure we can cheer him up and put some spring back in his step! Libby is also going to be in the area. I really hope I can see her too! I'm sure I can juggle the both of them :)

I've been having a lot of nightmares lately but after I wake up and have been up for a while, they seem funny. For example, in one I was being chased by a murderer/rapist and eventually was able to kill him but for most of the dream I was only armed with a crochet hook, a large metal needle, and one of those measuring gauges used for sewing (the ones with sharp edges). They actually fended him off! At least I can hold my own with my crafting supplies, haha.

Alright I'm beginning to feel sick again so I better lay back down. Reading sounds like fun anyway. Talk to you guys later!

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"Now that I'm married, I'm like the gay friend" [17 May 2009|03:03am]
[ mood | lethargic ]

Your results:
You are An Expendable Character (Redshirt)

An Expendable Character (Redshirt)
Geordi LaForge
Deanna Troi
Jean-Luc Picard
Mr. Scott
James T. Kirk (Captain)
Leonard McCoy (Bones)
Will Riker
Beverly Crusher
Mr. Sulu
Since your accomplishments are seldom noticed,
and you are rarely thought of, you are expendable.
That doesn't mean your job isn't important but if you
were in Star Trek you would be killed off in the first
episode you appeared in.

Click here to take the "Which Star Trek character am I?" quiz...

^aka I suck

Moving on, I can't believe it's been a month since I last updated. I've been reading you guys, even if I don't comment, so don't think I'm completely gone. I just don't feel like I have anything to write about. There isn't much new going on.

Work is work. Looks like we have a new assistant manager starting on Monday. I hope he's nice. We won a contest so we got $50 to have a party in early June. We rock!

Josh and I are crazy broke. I'm looking for a second job but it doesn't look promising thanks to the economy. I'm going to be lucky to even go to JAFAX. Hopefully we'll qualify for food stamps, that'll help us get out of our mounds of debt :-/

My mom brought me my grandma's old sewing machine and I'm almost done with my halter for my cosplay as Urutori, the bottom just needs to be hemmed. I'm proud of it, even though it's crappy. I'm starting my pants tomorrow.

The halter I made is a little small and it's the largest size so that was the last straw- I've started dieting again and I'm really fing serious this time. I've lost about 6 lbs this first week. I know it's going to start slowing soon but it feels good to lose like that. At least it comes off quick for the first week or two. My goal is to get to 170 lbs, although my ideal weight for my height is 140. I was 170 when I was sick and lost weight by not eating so I want to get there the healthy way this time. Once I'm there I'll focus on the ideal. This is gonna take a few years..

I finally bought some seeds so I'm going to start my garden this week. I'm excited about that. I'll be sewing, crocheting and gardening. I'm a little suzy homemaker.

My character in RO is a wizard. That test was mfing hard. Now we're all working on leveling which is tedious and there are a lot of douches but at least killing goats is more fun than killing gaos. The goats look like sheep and drop antelope horns/fur. They're confused little critters. Ya'll should play with us. It's a cool game. Plus, it'll be more fun once we have a guild and can participate in WoE. Join us! *jedi mind tricks*

I played basketball for the first time since middle school with Lance, Nathan and Josh. I dove for the ball and got beat to hell (sacrifice the body) and then later Nathan slammed the ball into my face. I still need to get my glasses fixed. It was fun though, plus Josh & I won. I've also seen some movies with Lance and Josh, sewed with Emily and been to South Haven to browse the shops with Emily and Bethy. I've been to a few get-togethers with Josh's coworkers, which have been awkward as hell, but his work buddies are nice. It still feels good to be social again. It's continuing to perk up my mood.

I still need to look into a new school but I won't be able to go back for a while so I don't have much motivation. At the same time, it's still exciting thinking about going back somewhere else. It probably won't happen for at least 2 more years (I'm trying to wait for Josh to finish) but it's still exciting.

Chompy still hasn't caught any flies.

So that's been my life the past month. I guess it looks like a lot but it doesn't feel like it. I'll try not to lag in my updates again but I always say that.
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"But, cold water is going to make their- aaagh!" [17 Apr 2009|01:28am]
[ mood | fat ]

Chompy McBiteBite (my plant) hasn't caught any flies yet. I might have to go hunting for him. You're not supposed to force feed it, but one shouldn't hurt. There was a disgusting bug on our wall today but I didn't want to feed that to him. It was too big anyway. Stupid centipede thing made me scream. Josh killed it though. My hero!

I've started playing Ragnarok Online (RO) with Emily and Chris. It's fun, but right now I'm just trying to level my mage into a wizard, which is tedious. If I wasn't playing with them I don't think I could do it, it would be too boring. I'm looking forward to seiging castles and killing things that aren't Gaos when I'm a wizard. We're awesomeCollapse )

Wii Fit is weird. The other day it asked me how I thought Emily was looking (she used it once). I said "slimmer" and it was like "You should tell her that". Today it asked about Josh's posture and I said it looked the same. It said I should pay more attention to him, lol. Then it told me "On a side note, did you know eye contact is very important in establishing owner-dog relationships?". What the hell is that? What does that have to do with anything?It also lectured me about working out at 12:30 at night. Yeah, I shouldn't, but I ate too much and wanted to work a bit off. It was just yoga. Deal with it. The male instructor was "filling in" for one workout, but only one. What's the point in that? I understand mixing things up, but for just one workout? Silly thing. It's fantastic but weird.

My dad is giving me hell about wanting to drop out of grad school. I think that warrants a separate entry so I won't go into it now. I need to vent eventually though. My parents have always supported me, why go batshit now? Ugh..

To leave on a happy note, I'm hoping to see Libby sometime this weekend if we can work out our free time. I can't wait to see her and her new place ^_^

Life goes on and on and on.

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[12 Apr 2009|02:00pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

Jesus has risen from the dead and I finally have a carnivorous plant. Huzzahs all around :)

Happy Easter!

Edit: The only question on wikianswers about venus fly traps was can you eat them. The response: "No. You can not eat a Venus Flytrap because it eats bugs. Humans don't eat bugs. If you want to eat a Venus Flytrap, then you are a dare devil." Haha.

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Weird as in sexy? [08 Apr 2009|12:00am]
[ mood | moody ]

It's a pathetic, PMSy day when watching House makes you cry. Hey, it was sad! Spoiler behind cutCollapse ). Yep.

I fell off the ladder at work today. I didn't get hurt but it shook me up pretty bad for a while. Otherwise, nothing interesting happened today.

I got Josh to watch Slumdog Millionaire. He didn't think he'd like it but he ended up enjoying it (all except the little kids, but I'll let that go). I'm going to watch it with my parents tomorrow. It's a damn good movie. It almost made me cry too but I managed to hold it in.

My life is boring, clumsy and weepy.

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[05 Apr 2009|01:26am]
[ mood | disturbed ]

I'm hearing some weird noises outside the apartment. Upon opening the door, it sounded like whining and snarling. I think something is killing something outside :( :( It's been going on for a while so that's really weird, but I can't think of another explanation for it. I just want it to stop! :(

ETA: I now hear scratching too. I wonder if it's trying to attack something hiding next to our building. I don't like this one bit!

ETA2: I can't sleep. I can't stop listening to it. I want to do something but I don't want to get attacked. I don't even know what the beast is. Whatever it is, it sounds really creepy. The snarl is really deep and meanacing. This is just so painful to listen to. I'll accept the circle of life, but I don't want to hear it in my living room, especially when the food sounds so frightened. This evening is going to suck for me and for the tormented thing in the bushes.

*Wow, I'm having a deja vu moment. Weird.*

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mahna mahna [05 Apr 2009|12:09am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Today sucked out loud. It was inventory day. All I did was shelve, but it wasn't just shelving. It was "OHMYGODSHELVESHELVESHELVEFASTERGOGOGOGO!!!" We had to try to get everything out and there was A LOT. We weren't finished after my 8 hr shift so I don't know if it all got done. I don't think Donna was pleased with my performance today since we got low borders rewards numbers and didn't do well plus selling. As the keyholder on duty, this reflects on me. At least we sold at least one key item: My dad came in and I convinced him to buy the new Harlen Coben book. I feel bad for pressuring my parents but they've said no to me before so if they didn't want it, they would've told me.I got my mom interested in the series that book is part of so it's all good. As I was working, I felt like I kept doing stuff to get in the way and make Donna mad but tensions were high. Today totally killed me physically too. Usually I'm alright after an 8 hr shift but today my feet were sore, my back was killing me and I was and so exhausted I just passed out when I got home. I almost fell asleep eating dinner, lol. About 5 hrs into the shift I was just dragging. It wasn't gradual just "*BOOM* I'm done". This was my first time working with Kris since she was hired and I felt bad that I was tired and bitchy. Hopefully she doesn't have a bad impression of me, heh.

Being home tonight hasn't been great either. I failed at making a snack; I was cooking up some hash browns (random snack) and the ghetto pan we had ruined them. There were little black flecks on them. That pan is just nasty and weird so I didn't trust it, haha. Even our veggies tasted funny. Although this is self-inflicted, I failed at finding entertainment. I wanted to watch the food network cake challenges and two of the three suck. One is a baby shower (I just fast forwarded to the judging and the winner) and one is Miley Cyrus's sweet 16 cake. Ew. I love challenges, these just weren't interesting to me. Well, the Miley one is kinda interesting but nauseating at the same time. Also, because I napped on the couch, I feel funny. I'm also still dead exhausted but I'm going to have trouble falling asleep. Naps sometimes do that and I can tell this is going to be one of those times. I should probably try to sleep soon since I work at 10 again but meh.

I'm nervous about opening the store tomorrow just because of all the paper work I have to do. I don't want to have to call Donna if I don't remember it since she'll be up all night. Still, I don't want to calculate something wrong and screw up the store. Stupid numbers. Not that I'm bad at math, but I need to remember what goes where. Actually, I take that back: I am bad at math. I'm more of a right brain type of person. Nevertheless, I'm stressing too much about this. I can't wait until I get off at 6:30 (heh heh) and life is more normal. I work Monday, but I'm not doing anything new *knock on wood*

Random, but in the Miley Cyrus challenge a lot of people are doing stuff based on her bedroom so I googled "Miley Cyrus bedroom". Thankfully, nothing too frightening came up!

Alright I'm nodding off at the computer so it's time to attempt sleep. I'm hoping for sweet dreams and a better tomorrow.

Tady out!

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[02 Apr 2009|03:03am]
Since when did lj allow free accounts have 15 userpics instead of 10? That was a pleasant surprise :)
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[30 Mar 2009|02:18am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Best tattoo ever:

Good times checking out random lj communities.

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